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    Product magazine

    Product week 239

    Release time:2019-09-02 16:59:04      hit count:2977


    Article: SCS-74-A 

     Component:100% Poly  

    Specification:80S*50D T400  

    Yarn specification available:  80S cotton/ Full-dull 2.5KG

    In this issue, we bring scs-74-a ? super imitation cotton fabric. This product adopts the 80S wool raw material independently developed by our company and the parallel high elastic polyester yarn sizing, and adopts plain and compact tabby structure. The surface of the fabric is clean and slightly wrinkled, the texture is fine, the luster is bright and soft, the touch of cotton feather is light and there is no lack of body bone; Double-sided mechanical elasticity, skin-friendly shaping. Readymade garments have dignified and elegant effects, and are ideal fabrics for women's shirts, windbreakers and casual men's wear of fast fashion brands.


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