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    Modern textile research institute of donghua university - silk joint research and development center


    Since 2009, xuzhou grams of fiber technology co., LTD. And China textile academy of sciences, donghua university, east China university of science and technology, Beijing university of aeronautics and astronautics and other well-known research institutions and universities to establish a good cooperative relationship, for the company's sustainable development, science and technology r&d platform construction provides a strong technical backing. In 2011, the company and donghua university, a famous textile university in China, jointly established the "donghua university modern textile research institute - silk joint research and development center". In recent years, a number of scientific research achievements have been transformed into industrial scale production.

    The form of industry-university-research cooperation has gradually upgraded from the initial technology transfer to joint development. Cooperative universities make use of their own teachers and research and development advantages, mainly to solve key technical problems; The company takes full advantage of its design, manufacturing and market advantages and is mainly responsible for the design, manufacturing and market expansion of key production equipment. Through this form of cooperative development, the focus of the use of both sides of the people, financial, material resources, draw on each other's strengths, collaborative operations, overcome difficulties.


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