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    Front desk sales:0512-63522977

    Ministry of trade:+86-18105225780

    Sales Office:+86-13814561003

    Zip code: 221400

    Address: 88 daqiao xi lu, xinyi city, jiangsu province, China


    ◆ in January, sierke fiber company was awarded the title of "AAA quality credit enterprise of jiangsu province".

    ◆ in February, Mr. Sun derong, director of the company, was awarded the title of "the third batch of national" ten thousand people plan "technology entrepreneurship leading talents

    ◆ in February, the company's "one-step cationic color composite silk research and development and industrialization" project was awarded the "2017 annual xuzhou science and technology award - first prize".

    ◆ in March, the group won the "top ten brands of chemical fiber fabrics in China" again, and was shortlisted in the "top 50 economic benefit indexes of China filament weaving industry".

    ◆ in March, sierke fiber co., ltd. won two honors: "2017 national chemical fiber industry brand quality advanced enterprise" and "2017 national chemical fiber industry standardization innovation unit".

    ◆ in June, the group was awarded the honorary title of "differentiated polyester fashion fabric production base in China".

    ◆ in June, sierke fiber company obtained the certificate of "evaluation of integrated management system of industrialization and industrialization".

    ◆ in June, "batch printing and dyeing whole-process digital factory" was awarded the title of "textile industry intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration enterprise", which was the first selected intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration enterprise in textile industry by China textile industry federation.

    ◆ in July, the project "intermittent dyeing and finishing intelligent factory new mode application" led by xuzhou rongsheng textile finishing co., LTD was officially selected as "2018 central financial intelligent manufacturing new mode application project" after the approval of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China. This is the first and only enterprise in xuzhou city to receive this award, which marks the birth of the first intelligent manufacturing new model application project in xinyi.

    Pieces in August, the group, a subsidiary of rongsheng textile finishing co., LTD and xuzhou rongsheng of fibre products technology co., LTD. Through GRS global recovery standards certification, build on the "through train" international environmental protection market, the two companies have aptitude of renewable fiber textiles in textile and printing and dyeing processing, and can provide customers with global recognition of GRS products.

    ◆ in November, sk fiber company won the title of "green factory", becoming the first local enterprise to be awarded this title.

    ◆ in December, "super imitation cotton polyester fiber and its textile industrialization plan development" project won the first prize of scientific and technological progress issued by China textile industry federation.

    ◆ in December, 2018 China textile entrepreneurs annual meeting and the ninth and sixth council of China textile enterprises association was held in Beijing. Sun deming, general manager of jiangsuserke group co., ltd. was awarded the honorary title of "2018 national excellent textile entrepreneur" by China textile industry federation.

    ◆ in December, 2018 China textile innovation annual conference was held in Beijing, xuzhou silk fiber technology co., LTD


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