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    Front desk sales:0512-63522977

    Ministry of trade:+86-18105225780

    Sales Office:+86-13814561003

    Zip code: 221400

    Address: 88 daqiao xi lu, xinyi city, jiangsu province, China


    ◆ in April, sierke fiber was awarded the title of "xuzhou patent pilot enterprise".

    ◆ in May, the sierke fiber invention patent "one step method 24-head/bit composite fiber spinning and winding joint manufacturing process" won the 2014 xuzhou patent gold award.

    ◆ in June, three enterprise product standards, including one-step iso-shrinkage PET blended fiber, one-step iso-shrinkage cationic PET blended fiber and iso-shrinkage simulated fabric, were approved by experts.

    ◆ in October, sirco fiber was successfully approved for listing on the new third board with the stock code of 834217.


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