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    Front desk sales:0512-63522977

    Ministry of trade:+86-18105225780

    Sales Office:+86-13814561003

    Zip code: 221400

    Address: 88 daqiao xi lu, xinyi city, jiangsu province, China


    ◆ in April, the national debt project declared by sierke fiber, "the project with an annual output of 40,000 tons of environmental protection, low-carbon and high-performance super-simulation composite fiber with three machines in one", successfully passed the comprehensive completion and acceptance.

    ◆ in May, the group held a grand foundation laying ceremony for rongshengda textile phase ii project and the opening ceremony of the group r&d office building.

    ◆ June, rongshengda textile phase ii project officially started construction.

    ◆ in July, sierke fiber formally undertook the "2012 jiangsu province intellectual property strategy promotion plan project" and vigorously promoted enterprise intellectual property management.

    ◆ in October, sk fiber entered the list of "top 50 most valuable investment enterprises in China from zerotec to 2012"; Approved by the information and communication commission of jiangsu province, "jiangsu enterprise identification technology center" was established.

    ◆ in November, rongshengda textile increased capital and shares; The project of "research and development and industrialization of one-step high quality mixed fiber with different shrinkage", which is the special fund for transformation of scientific and technological achievements in jiangsu province undertaken by sierke fiber, has passed the acceptance.

    ◆ in December, the silk fiber product "silk SHILK one-step iso-shrink PET blended yarn" was awarded as "jiangsu famous brand product".


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