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    Sierke staff series performance publicity "workshop generalist -- finalize the head su master"

    Release time:2019-09-18 10:50:44      hit count:4761

    I first met su en three years ago. That day was my first day on the job. The monitor took me to the machine and asked me if I had been familiar with it. At this time the squad leader shouted to a workmate, said you don't be afraid, to you introduce a master, I looked at him, he introduced himself as su 'en in, and then patiently to me on the principles of the shaping machine and the operation process, until I understand before leaving.

    Looking at his back, wearing a faded overalls some gray hair, but the body style neat walk wind, words do not break mild, these gave me a good warm feeling. My colleague told me that he was one of the famous operators in sohn

    Since then, we have worked together and become the most familiar partners. Having worked for more than ten years, he knew the principles and processes of the machines in the workshop very well. He could be seen everywhere in the hot summer and the cold winter.


    In the workshop production process, no matter which positions the lack of manpower, he is active to help on the post, once in the work, need to take the waste to the specified location, without further ado, he take the initiative to pull up hydraulic car go. When I come back, I appreciate the said to him, the end of the month salary to invite you to dinner. After he listened to happily say: "no, little things". It had happened to him more than once, twice...


    Finalize the design work is the most important procedure in the production process, the control of temperature directly affects the yarn quality, it's not easy to act as team leader in the process, need to have some ability and processing experience, a pot of silk long time to eight hours, shoon in every half hour to check instrument calibration with machine running situation, and make a detailed record. Once there was an abnormal sound in the track of the shaping pot, and the sound was very small, he found a torch for careful inspection, went down to the bottom of the pot alone to inspect the investigation, and his body almost stuck to the ground to listen to the side ear bell. When he was sure that there was a bearing fault, he reported it for maintenance in time to avoid a production accident.

    A hard work, a harvest, more than 10 years he in the ordinary post silently dedicated their own sweat. With serious and rigorous practice to write the song of the new era of workers.

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