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    Sun derong, President of sierke: create new ideas with textile technology

    Release time:2018-06-30 16:36:20      hit count:4482

    On the scene of the spring and summer fabric exhibition in 2013 and the release area of the fashion trend in 2014 attracted a large number of visitors. Among them, nine newly developed fabrics declared by sierke to the national textile products center were all listed in the 2014 China spring and summer fashion fabrics, and one of them won the * award "* technological innovation award".

    Jiang susselke won the * science and technology innovation award in the spring review of 2013 annual contest which ended in early march. It was awarded for its continuous innovation around a competitive fibre production technology. Develop products that are recognized by the market and effectively transform the results into fashion value.


    Sun derong, chairman of jiangsuerke

    Many enterprises develop things to push down, even how to express the fashion, or a question. Sierke technology creates market value, does very well and is recognized by the market. It was also shortlisted for the spring award of 2013 China international fabric design competition. How do you feel about the combination of technology and fashion? What are your plans for the future?

    Sun derong: we are really honored to receive this award this year, and we thank the association and the judges for the great love they have shown us. I was originally from wujiang shengze. It was in 2003 that xuzhou attracted investment and investment. Our company has been established there for 10 years. The company from the beginning to invest in xuzhou, then the business philosophy is how the future products can go out of our own way. In particular, in 2007, a domestic company independently developed the "one-step method" advanced technology, and won the first prize for scientific and technological progress in 2011. On this basis, we will further develop the second and third generation products in 2009 and 2010.

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    * the 3rd CBME pregnancy, baby and children exhibition

    2013 (spring) Shanghai textile and clothing exhibition

    If an enterprise wants to develop sustainably and be a long-term enterprise, we always believe that technological innovation, product innovation, management innovation and marketing innovation are inseparable. This time we won the prize is the second generation product, our company "extraordinary splendour of silk", the product took two years to go to the market, win a lot of the guest's recognition and praise, we first begin from design, from the raw material in the research and development, to create, through our is a complete industrial chain, from research to manufacturing, from product improvement, until last October, we believe that the product real mature later, to the market, get a lot of orders from last year to this year, was welcomed by the market and enterprise. Now we are doing the third generation of products, in the "one-step method" on the basis of the imitation of cotton products, is also put forward by the silk, * has a very good result. In the process of making these products, we followed the path of production, learning and research. I feel that you are of great help to the development of our enterprise. We have been cooperating with donghua university for 5 years, and have been deeply cooperating on technology and products, including this "super spun cotton" product.

    President sun visited our company this year and made many good Suggestions. For the future development of enterprises, including the positioning of the future has played a great role in helping. Our company to their positioning is to fashion, fashion fabrics domestic * people. In the future we focus on domestic, including the future to the international, this is in fashion, fashion fabrics, do * people, this is the company's goal. Of course, I hope this goal can be pushed forward step by step. Thank you!

    You just mentioned that we are making a super spun cotton product. Could you please disclose the relevant information about the product?

    Sun derong: after we put forward this product at the end of last year, we cooperated with donghua university to do it. We extended the one-step technology and then developed it. The thing that does now, the difficulty that does somebody else to want to imitate later is very big, we begin to manage from the source now, it is oneself doing completely.

    We produce super imitation cotton slices that others can't buy. We make them according to our own formula. The machine assembly and slicing produced by the company are for our own use, not for external sales. We control the whole system engineering from the source to the back through the improvement of our spinning technology, equipment transformation, and all the things we develop and develop, and the raw materials are not for external supply at the source. Including technology, formula, is to learn foreign advanced management concept, segment, hierarchical management. Unlike the current domestic difference, for example, the project supervision may know the whole technology process, we are segmented, we are the control of raw materials do not sell, only for their own spinning. Because like super spinning is a new product, its technology and the existing difference is very big, indeed our entire materials, various types of additives in the joining process, not a person to complete, we are segmentation, segmentation which one knows, to another period of another person to know, don't know the whole project, even if the staff turnover, it is impossible to dig out all of my enterprise personnel, because not all people can walk, and cost of a family can afford.

    We have learned from the previous experience. Front "one step method" domestic * home developed, spent 50 million cost, now there are dozens of imitation, including our equipment others are also imitation. We now from the house of equipment selection for 3-4 combination, each others' equipment, only with you to customize a single, not all of them, and draw lessons from past experience, coupled with the industry association's leadership is also the first enterprise to protect themselves, not after hard * is somebody else's benefit than we get more, we hope the products protected time longer.

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