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    "The most beautiful car loading dunga jun" publicized by sierke staff series

    Release time:2019-09-09 10:54:19      hit count:4798

    Summer heat, in extreme high temperature in the workshop, she ran all the way to pull to hold bottle car shuttle in strips machine again, her white hair, because of the sweat sides wet stick on the face, and his sweat was big big drops dripping on the floor, and she contented, likes not feel bitter and tired, the years of wind and frost in the face of the walls ravines to conceal her once beautiful, and her bones give simple, often let me in his body...

    She was deng jiajun, a 49-year-old truck loader on our front road.

    Deng jiajun, the first into the factory is just a machine worker, every morning from the monitor that received the machine number on a head into the workshop seriously wipe her machine. One morning in late autumn last year, the weather suddenly dropped in temperature, that day I only wore a work coat and a thin base, was frozen shiver, she was still as usual to monitor that get the machine, see my face red with cold, asked me :" xiao liu, is it cold?

    "Well, the weather suddenly turned cold and I forgot to add clothes in the morning... "

    Before I could finish, she slipped off her knitted vest and handed it to me.

    "Put it on before you freeze."

    I stammered, she looked at me hesitating eyes, while putting on my clothes, said: "quickly put it on, you don't see me cleaning the machine every day so dirty, clothes are washed every day, clean is very, although I am old, the body is very good, I immediately to clean the machine, a moment will sweat.


    At the beginning of 2019, the workshop stopped platform many, urgent lack of a car loader, deng jiajun volunteered to run to me and the squad leader in front, promising to clap chest said: "I can! I can do this job! I am not afraid of hardship, although I look thin, I have strength, although I am old, I know the word is not less than others, I have a sense of responsibility...... "


    Sure enough, she was up to the job. She is always active in her work and never complains. Every machine she has installed can get a good score in 6S competition, and there are not as many bottle collision problems as other beginners, and she can actively share her own experience in the class meeting.


    In July 2019, various varieties in the workshop will change batches frequently. If you are not careful, there will be wrong raw materials and mixed batches. July 2 in the morning to take over soon, deng jiajun hurried to find me and the monitor reflect: she pulled two silk, the same kind of color, silk frame number of meters is the same, but do not know why a silk relatively shape partial big? Our monitor immediately checked the scene and asked the director for feedback to find out the reason. The result was that both of the two varieties were silver-gray paper tubes, and the silk worker did not see the inner label, resulting in the wrong raw materials...

    Because deng jiajun works in earnest, careful, just let this wrong raw material incident loss to a minimum. Workshop gave her a reward, colleagues on the class meeting to deng jiajun all brush site a praise......

    In this world, there are many ordinary people in the ordinary position in the ordinary work, we textile factory women every day quietly perform their duties, repeated simple and trivial work. However, it is their small and insignificant contributions in their work that make the whole group proud.

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