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    Sk staff series of deeds publicity "geek" small fat

    Release time:2019-09-03 10:56:12      hit count:4548

    "Xiao pang, the marketing center's new sample arrived, quick analysis, new products next month proofing plan."

    "Small fat, textile factory next month research and development plan to do?"

    "Xiao pang, the width of the scs-76 finished product is still narrow, you can see how much more appropriate to adjust the width of the door."

    Small fat...

    Who is xiao pang? Xiao pang is lu haoxiang, assistant manager of the r&d center of our product development management department. He has been a worker in the product r&d center for five years. Non-professional origins, but he had taught himself polymerization with strong learning ability, chemical fiber, textile, dyeing and finishing, and relevant knowledge, know the workshop process, seems all the things can be turned into data, and then displayed in his form, through the analysis of the data he, proposals, research and development, make new product into the market constantly popular products sell like hot cakes.


    Common thing is repeated do, simple thing is done seriously, meticulous keep improving, strive for improve 99% to 100%, small fat pursues acme and outstanding all the time.

    Sometimes you see small fat do things seem very simple, leadership a command, as if nothing is he can not do, others need two months to learn the craft content, he only need a few days of kung fu can be completed. Imperceptibly, the colleagues all shout him as "strange talent" small fat. You don't understand him to understand, you understand him to understand better than you, therefore, no matter be the product quality that production involves or craft wait for professional knowledge, everybody is glad to come to him: "small fat, you see this is how to return a responsibility?"

    In order to solve a new product development problem, it is common to forget food and sleep. At that time, he was just an ordinary craftsman, but he kept on learning all the time.

    In research and development center, the simplest job should be to sort out sample room, make sample card, but even if be this most inconspicuous job, small fat also pursues high efficiency, high quality. He made sample room floor plan, make all the new products regularly over the years, each time can pinpoint specific samples, and a name the fabric style, characteristic, warp/weft density, etc., and by using yellow tape on the sample room desktop marking, according to the length of accurate measuring hang tag card, to make the sample CARDS neat, very beautiful.


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