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    Passion, dream, share, dream pursuit, the fourth quarter birthday party in 2019

    Release time:2019-11-16 09:57:18      hit count:4294

    In this harvest season of golden and sweet osmanthus in the wheat field, silk group held a grand birthday party for all the employees who were born in the fourth quarter of 2019. All of them gathered together to send their best wishes to the birthday stars.


    On behalf of the group and shareholders, sun Deming, executive president, sent sincere birthday messages to the birthday stars who spent their birthday in the fourth quarter of 2019, expressed sincere sympathy and thanks for the hard work and hard work of the group's employees at all levels, and wished them happy birthday, good health and happy family! I hope you will make continuous efforts to improve the quality of production and create a better life for the group and ourselves!


    In everyone's warm applause, Shou Xing, on behalf of Hou Congcong, expressed her feelings. She said: I'm very happy to get so many people's blessing, thank the company for providing such a good platform, and hope to continue to work hard in the future to contribute to the development of the company!


    With the happy birthday wish song and the dancing candlelight, the birthday stars sincerely made their wish to cut and eat cakes together.



    And to the birthday stars to send wonderful performances and lively and interesting interactive games, everyone present is feeling the care and warmth of the company family.







    Everyone enjoyed this warm and warm happy time.



    Lawyer sun and the company leaders present awards to the winners.


    The happy time is always short. Although the birthday party is over for a while, everyone has spent a warm time together, deepened their feelings, let the staff feel the warmth of the Turk family, affirmed and thanked the staff for their long-term hard work, expressed a little care for the staff, enhanced the cohesion of the company team, and reflected the people-oriented Management culture. I hope that in the future, we will continue to work together to build a friendly, United and cohesive team to create a better future for silk.

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