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    Intertestile Shanghai Exhibition ends successfully

    Release time:2019-09-30 10:02:46      hit count:4288

    On September 27, 2019, 2019 China international textile fabrics and accessories (autumn and winter) Expo was successfully concluded in the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai)! If invited to participate in the exhibition, SRK group has displayed the company's characteristic product series. From the beginning of the exhibition, the selection of main products to the end of the exhibition, the company's team has poured their earnest and enthusiasm to strive for the best effect of the exhibition.



    During the exhibition, Chen Baojian, chief engineer of national textile product development center, Wang Xinli, technical director, Liao Menghu, vice president of China filament weaving Association, Xie Fangming, Secretary General of China Textile Enterprise Association, and Wang Xueli, Professor of Donghua University successively visited the booth to learn about the new product R & D, production and operation of the enterprise, as well as the development and industrialization of our super cotton like products We have made positive contributions and exchanged with our staff on textile market and product trend.

    In this exhibition, the company launched the super Imitation cotton series to let customers have a flash at the front of their eyes, and an endless stream of inquirers; in addition, there are many customers interested in the recycled fiber series.

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