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    "Zhang silu" of sierke staff series

    Release time:2019-07-29 11:03:48      hit count:4550

    Zhang silu, female, 65 years old, current assistant worker of our workshop - washing healds. She has been working hard for more than 10 years in this small position, which is considered insignificant by others.

    Who knew her said she worked like a man, clean, inside there is a burning passion, although no longer young, but a neat short hair all show her indomitable personality, most of the time he saw her, she is around waterproof apron, wearing rubber boots, a pair of work anytime and anywhere, she's very nice, see you always smile to say hello: full "and on the day!" When the mood is happy, while washing the heald, while humming their era of classical songs.

    She is always active in the work, timely summary of work experience, put forward a lot of rationalization Suggestions to the workshop, for example on the axis sometimes busy work, heds did not tie, fell out of the keel, such washing when bad wash, follow-up but also special arrangements for sorting, waste time, reduce work efficiency. She always takes trouble to run to the workshop and each on the shaft work communication, tell them how to tie just firm, how to do better, on the shaft work again when doing this work will be careful, avoid the phenomenon that the heald wire often falls.

    As an old employee, she always keeps in mind the enterprise culture of love and dedication of erke, and does whatever she is needed to do wherever she is needed. In daily production, she completes the production tasks arranged by the workshop with good quality and quantity, never caring about personal gains and losses.

    In the process of lean production, Zhang Silu can always combine to their normal daily work, such as the ratio of liquid to wash all, she is very experienced, put how much detergent, detergent put how many, surfactant put how many, she sounds well-meaning, 3 - April sell washing zong to promote all liquid washing liquid, she said: after trial comparing indeed's ability to clean the oil is better than other brands, but the cost is high, no we are now using the mixed liquid washing heald cost-effective. This is our awareness of an ordinary front-line staff, always put energy saving and consumption reduction in the first place.

    She is also very cherish to oneself working tool, the water gun that she USES for example, because this is her main tool, so she wants to leave to be able to lock only commonly, prevent others to use carelessly broke, had little problem to report in time repair, maintain, her tool life is the longest commonly.

    If the workshop arranged someone else to clean the roll sticks, when the labrador went to wash them, she would help them to use the water gun all the time, and sometimes even wash them herself, for fear of breaking the tools. She treated her tools as partners.

    She can't ride a bike, every morning is her husband riding a tricycle to send her, rain or shine, I have several times and they said: the old couple's relationship is good. She said: I also can't express, but I know, the company gave me the opportunity to work, I will work carefully to do a good job, do a good job psychological steadfast, every day there are things to do, the company will be good will pay everyone, every family will be steadfast and happy......

    Yes, the post no size, to see if you are willing to do a business screw!


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