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    Sierke has passed the qualification review of the national development base of mixed polyester yarn

    Release time:2019-05-29 14:44:37      hit count:3044

    On May 28, 2019, the secretariat of the national textile product development base appointed national textile product development center chief engineer/China textile information center Chen Baojian, director of the ministry of science and technology, national textile product development base secretariat secretary-general/xiao-li Chen, director of the China textile information center product development engineering, comprehensive, director of China chemical fiber industry association already in Dijon, China textile information center director of product development technology xin-li wang and project specialist Jiang Junyue assessment team of product development, The fifth field evaluation of [xuzhou erke fiber technology co., LTD. -- national development base for mixed polyester yarn with different shrinkage] was conducted.


    The expert evaluation team, accompanied by the executive President of sierke sun deming and others, inspected the company's spinning, weaving, dyeing and finishing workshops, r&d center and product exhibition hall on site, and got a detailed understanding of the company's product production process, site management and process characteristics. In the evaluation meeting, chief executive of the expert assessment team and si, de-ming sun and production, research and development, quality control department, head of the enterprise new product research and development, production management, quality management, marketing, development planning and so on has carried on the detailed communication, chief executive de-ming sun also is super imitation cotton series of the development of new products and technology advantage made detailed answers for the assessment team, in the next stage work will focus on around super imitation cotton product promotion, technology alliance with the aid of association and the advantages of the industry association, to further expand its brand awareness and market influence.




    Chen Baojian director for the past two years the company insist on technological innovation and new product development, deepen the intelligent manufacturing, field management and quality control, enterprise talent construction and cultural construction achievements gave high evaluation, confirmed the company has hold the point of future development, is an active exploration and practice of intelligent manufacturing mode, and set a benchmark for the industry. Second, around the "one-step method", "super imitation cotton" and other core key technologies, continue to take the road of differentiated innovation; Third, it has formed the industrial chain technology and profit integration advantage, which has become the company's unique competitive advantage. Fourth, it has laid a solid foundation for standardized management and promoted the sustainable and healthy development of the enterprise. Fifthly, core technologies are effectively protected through the formulation of industry standards and the establishment of intellectual property management system. At the same time, Chen Baojian in how to further build fashion heights, director of the highlands, product innovation, brand making highlands and market impact of highland gave pertinent Suggestions, hope the company in the future development of further make full use of the national textile product development base of various communication channels and product promotion platform, better play to the role of the al qaeda, to further lead domestic different shrinkage polyester blended filaments product development trend of technology innovation, makes the enterprise comprehensive competitive advantage.


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