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    Xuzhou rongsheng textile finishing co. LTD

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    Founded in 2010, Xuzhou Rongsheng Textile Dyeing&Finishing Co.,LTD is the only approved printing and dyeing enterprise in Jiangsu Province and the only chemical fiber printing and dyeing enterprise in Xuzhou City. With a registered capital of 95 million yuan, the company is located in Weiba Road, Xinyi Economic Development Zone, Jiangsu Province, covering an area of 126.5 mu. Its main business is dyeing, finishing and finishing of medium and high-grade textile fabrics. It is a "three major projects" in Xuzhou City. The main business of the company is dyeing and finishing of high-grade textile fabrics, including dyeing and finishing of medium and high-grade untwisted fabrics, medium and high-grade strong twist fabrics, ordinary strong twist fabrics, ordinary untwisted fabrics, high-grade imitation silk, imitation wool, imitation hemp, Imitation cotton and other differential functional fabrics. The company takes "high starting point, zero discharge and intelligent" as the project construction standard, and has significant progress, innovation and demonstration in production technology, environmental protection, energy saving, emission reduction, green production, intelligent production and so on.


    In terms of production technology, advanced technologies such as short flow pretreatment, continuous desizing and alkali reduction, small bath ratio dyeing and finishing, deep finishing, "extra black" and "extra white" are adopted to greatly reduce the discharge of pollutants on the premise of ensuring the quality of printing and dyeing processing; in terms of sewage treatment, bio anaerobic technology is adopted, which has won the first prize of national science and technology progress, and is the first in China at present. In terms of intelligent production, the company plans and designs and purchases relevant equipment in strict accordance with the standards and principles of energy conservation and emission reduction, recycling, and green environmental protection, and adopts the whole process ERP management system, dye automatic transmission, and so on. Intelligent management means such as automatic matching of auxiliaries and automatic color matching are used to realize informatization, standardization, automation and intelligent management. In the aspect of circular economy, advanced technologies such as heat recovery of printing and dyeing wastewater, condensate recovery of cooling water, alkali recovery of waste water, reclaimed water recovery, waste heat recovery of setting machine and medium pressure steam recovery are adopted, which are in line with the requirements of energy conservation, environmental protection and recycling. National green production requirements. The company will strive to become the first benchmark enterprise in China's printing and dyeing industry to realize "intelligent factory" and "zero emission".


    In recent years, the company's "printing and dyeing whole process intelligent production workshop" has been evaluated as "Jiangsu demonstration intelligent workshop" by Jiangsu Provincial Economic and Information Commission; the company's "intermittent printing and dyeing whole process digital factory" has been evaluated as "textile industry intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration" by China Textile Industry Federation; in July 2018, the company's "intermittent dyeing and finishing intelligent factory new mode application" project has been evaluated as "National Industrial Information Technology Co., Ltd." Approved by the Ministry of finance, it was officially selected as the "2018 central finance intelligent manufacturing new mode application project". This is the only enterprise in China's printing and dyeing industry that has won this award, and also a benchmark enterprise to promote the transformation and upgrading of Intelligent Manufacturing in the textile industry.


    In terms of information and intelligence, relying on ERP enterprise resource planning management system, we have integrated automatic color matching, intelligent proofing system, auxiliary dyeing and chemical materials automatic batching, transportation intelligent management system, dyeing machine central monitoring system, energy consumption data dynamic acquisition and analysis system, U8 financial storage management system, OA (Mobile Office) approval system, yitongtong procurement platform system, intelligent logistics management system. System integration and optimization. Through the star level cloud project, the interconnection between equipment and equipment, equipment and system, integrated operation between system and system, energy saving and emission reduction of the whole process are realized. The system of the whole process of enterprise product cycle can be integrated, innovated and applied, increasing the contribution rate of intelligence in product output value, and better adapting to the high quality and green proposed by the competitive market for production and management process. With the requirements of color production, flexible response and low cost, the innovative application mode of cloud computing is used to make the enterprise network collaborative manufacturing more convenient and lay a solid foundation for the realization of green factory.


    The company has passed the certification of energy management system and global recovery standard GRS, laying a solid foundation for the company to step into a sound development track. In particular, the company has passed the GRS certification of the global recycling standard, which enables the company to catch the "through train" of the international environmental protection market, indicating that the company has the qualification to carry out textile processing of recycled fiber textiles, and can provide customers with GRS products recognized globally.

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